For many years, registration has taking place in the local Scout Hall. People begin queuing hours before registration officially opened and many people went away disappointed after standing patiently for so long. It could be a stressful experience for both parents and Team GSP, so we have tried to find a solution.

This year, for the first time in the History of The GSP, registrations will be processed using an online system.

Registration will open at 5:00pm on Saturday 25th May.


Check out the prices here!


This system will allow parents to purchase a ticket or ‘Registration Pack’ for each child wishing to attend the Greystones Summer Project.

Once you have chosen your ‘Registration Pack’ you will then proceed to payment*. When payment has been processed you can rest assured that you have secured your child/children’s space in the GSP!

The next step will be to assign the ‘Registration Pack’ to the corresponding child. Enter their details** as requested and complete all consents required.

Also, don’t forget that parents are required to supervise for a minimum of 2 sessions*** over the week of the GSP. You will have the option to choose your preference (they are not guaranteed) of sessions for the week, and these will be assigned on a first come, first served basis. This is how we keep the costs of the GSP low, and we promise – you might just have a little bit of fun yourself!

If one of your preferences is to supervise a tour, this will cover the 2 sessions required.

And that’s it!

We hope you will be able to register your child/children from the comfort of your couch, from your desk at work or while having a nice Saturday stroll along the seafront.

***The GSP committee reserves the right to cancel and refund in full any registration that does not meet the minimum requirement for parental supervision

**Read our Privacy Policy and how we process your data

*Payments are processed through Stripe. Read their Privacy Policy